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Dead Moon “War Baby”

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Vancouver’s Baptists share the first new track from their upcoming second album, Bloodmines, which is due for release via Southern Lord on 14th October.
Arriving at the album’s mid point, ‘Harm Induction’ is a volatile, high speed, turbo-charged rager. As the guitar riffs scale to an ear-splitting climax, the vocals also reach the peak of absolute seething anger. Harm Induction is unrelenting, near suffocating, and highly cathartic.

Like it’s predecessor, Bloodmines is a fast, exhilarating album of rage, oozing with genuine raw emotion and punk rock fury. Shards of feedback make way for fast powerful riffs and savage vocals, whilst explosive drumming pumps blood around the band’s beating heart.

On other album tracks like “Vistas”, “Calling” and the title track, “Bloodmines”, the pace changes, revealing powerful, almost anthemic, jagged noise rock songs (much like influential San Diego post-hardcore band Drive Like Jehu) which go beyond the two minute mark. Discordant guitar melodies and abrasive vocal passages are elongated, still volatile but perhaps allowing for further contemplation of the band’s underlying message.

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This is my parents first house and the house I grew up in for 11 years

This is my parents first house and the house I grew up in for 11 years

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Gonna throw a little fundraiser for animals on my birthday! Hope to see all my friends there!

Gonna throw a little fundraiser for animals on my birthday! Hope to see all my friends there!

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Naomi Punk—Firehose Face

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Shot from the kitty zoo last Sunday

Shot from the kitty zoo last Sunday

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Artist: Cancers
Album: Fatten the Leeches
Label: Kandy Kane Records / Dead Broke Rekerds
Release date: September 16, 2014

Press contact: michelle (at) noisyghostpr (dot) com
Press kit: http://www.noisyghostpr.com/album/fatten-the-leeches/

Cancers are an Athens-based alternative love child born to Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller by way of Vancouver, Canada and New York City. The two met while toiling away on tour with their respective previous bands, and joined together out of a desire to craft their own music free from compromise. The result consists of crushing melodies, dreamy pop girl vocals, and new alternative guitars. While Cancers’ sound does evoke familiar grunge-era angst, Kaspar’s airy vocals, comparable to Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, distinguish the band from their predecessors, marrying vulnerability with sex.

With their debut album Fatten the Leeches, the couple crawl hand-in-hand through anguish, alienation, despair and into the light. Tired of being pigeon-holed in the lo-fi DIY of their past, the band enlisted Jack Endino to produce the album. Endino’s early work with Seattle heavy-weights like Nirvana, Hole, Babes in Toyland and Soundgarden, established him as a king of underground rock records, and has been referred to as “the godfather of grunge.” Fatten the Leeches delivers, resolving Cancer’s adolescent lust for distortion and riffs with a satisfying pop sheen.

Recorded at Soundhouse Studio in Seattle, Fatten the Leeches will be released on CD & digital format on September 16 by their own label Kandy Kane Records, while Dead Broke Rekerds handles the cassette and vinyl. Cancers will be playing a string of Midwest and East coast cities this summer in support of their release.

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Sheer Mag - Point Breeze

I love the sound of this record. How it was recorded or mixed or etc, I’m under no obligation to know how point a led to point b. You have fun with the technical details, I’m ignorant and still happy. H/t to modraucous because she’s why I know of this record.


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Institute - “Salt”
From the upcoming 4-track EP, Salt, due on out on Sacred Bones Oct. 14.
(pre-order now)

so proud :~)

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